The mighty cosmics first formed in North London as The Cosmics in 1988 - starting as a 5 piece acoustic combo, double bass, guitar, trumpet, saxaphone and trombone. Going against the grain at the time of the Acid House 'summer of love' 1988 they began busking and performing at street parties, schools,community centres and day care centres, taking their authentic vintage and experimental blend of Caribean mento fusion with European folk music. This would eventually develop into Ska and then Reggae. Soon Richie Warth of Coventry band 21 Guns - one of the plethora of midland bands early exponents of two tone midland sound - joined on drums and the band recorded their first demo at the well renowned St John's wood Rak studios owned by pop empresario Mickey Most who very kindly allowed the band to use his studio free of charge, and together with Chris Dickie former bass player of another Coventry based band Gods Toys, who was now working in London as a sound engineer at Rak studios and in the 'dead time' would give up his free time and have the band in to record.

In 1990 the now electric Ska band caught the attention of legendary trombonist Rico Rodreiquez who would often sit in on several gigs. Rico was unfazed by any of the venues obscure bars in Hackney and Brixton, wild student shows. Having Rico Rodreiquz playing with the band was described as 'feeling like having Pele come and play for Coventry city football club!! But loads better because he was showing us how to play the game as well.

As three of the founder members come from Coventry - home of 2 tone records (including John Shipley of the the 2 tone label's Swinging Cats) - the Cosmics were invited to headline the 10th anniversary of 2 tone records which bought the Specials back on stage to an electricfied capacity crowd at the Tic-Toc club in Hillfields Coventry, run at the time by controversal 'shock-jock' John Gaunt.

The early 1990's were a challenging time for old skool bands. To find worthwhile work set against the back-drop of the 'Techno revoloution' the Cosmics spent much of the early 90's touring in Europe with shows in Aachen Altenmacht, Berlin, Barcelona, Bilbao, Berne, Beidfeld, Delft, Freiburg, Ghent, Hilversun, Jaen, Lurzen, Magdaburg, Nordwijlk, Postdam, Thun, Tershellng {Frisein islands}, Zurich, and other lesser known corners. Shows in the UK were few and far between, a show in Chester and the Band on the wall in Manchester gave The Cosmics an opportunity to reach an apreciative audiences in the North, The Polish club Bristol and the Blandford festival in the West, Chelmsford in the East, Folkstone in the South. A prestigious show at the Commonwealth institute Kensington in London, Gaz's rockin blues was a popular venue for the Cosmics. Together with numerous shows 'off the Grid' in many of London's old school pub and club venues, festivals, squat parties, the Hackney Show on Hackney Downs also appearing on A.F.A action awareness event on the Downs. Despite the Cosmics popular appeal across the board, bringing diverse groups together, Jazz lovers, Crustie squatter types, Reggae S.H.A.R.P. skins it remained a struggle at times in the pre-digital revoloution age, no internet, no smart phones etc. to find opportunities in which The Cosmics could gain enough exposure and take their original Ska and Reggae experimental concept to a wider audiences in the UK. Not be able to tap neatly into the 'Ska scene' the bands close association with the much mis-understood Skinhead culture, S.H.A.R.P. (skinheads against racial predjudice) were a major support for the Cosmics throughout Europe and in the UK. The early 90's were tough times and places, with the Cold war over, a rise in neo-facists skinheads making there presence known at Gigs featuring multi-racial bands which at times posed questions as to this being a viable sustainble project for the band to continue. Interesting and eventfull as it was.

Eventually it was decided it was 'Too much pressure'. The Cosmics would be rested. and try to find alternative means to continue create music. Numerous collabarations followed that led the band to work across the world with several well known artitsts such as Lee Scratch Perry touring Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the band re-confiqured as Agitators untill Lee Perry renamed them The Killa-Con squad working with Neil Fraser 'Mad Professor' provided the explorative and experimental canvas for Scratch Dub techno pioneers Zion train incorporated the Cosmics Horn section into there 'live show' The Ital horns, Love Grocer, pioneers. Many other projects and spin-offs continued, The Agitators a more reggae influneced outfit and the experimental Dub - trip hop - Ragga ensemble Bud Alzir signed to Chrysallis records were amongst the many Cosmic incarnations and musical- collectives.

In 2008 once again The COSMICS re-grouped but this time as The Mighty Cosmics and began to deliver their exciting journey through the landscapes and history of the evoloution and development of SKA and REGGAE. Now in 2016 the Mighty Cosmics have travelled back along the meta-phsyical Cosmic time-line to once again to challenge the challenging challenges of keeping music live in our current Brave new Digital world.

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